Fuel cards

List of refuelling stations where fuel cards sCard are accepted:

          SOCAR refuelling stations - Open

          Partner refuelling stations - Open



  • possibility of quick recharge of your card account;
  • receive any kind of petrol or diesel fuel, gas available at refuelling station in any quantity (e.g., refuel "up to full tank", for the remaining amount);
  • use the services of car wash and tyre fitting.


Advantages of working with fuel cards sCard:

  • Restrictions may be set on the volume and type of oil products obtained using fuel card during a day, week or month;
  • The high degree of protection - individual password (PIN code) eliminates the possibility of unauthorized obtaining of oil products in case of card loss;
  • The possibility of using funds in case of loss of a smart card is eliminated;
  • Effective for legal entities and individuals;
  • Possibility to keep record of and control used oil products, except for the package of accounting documents for purchased oil products. We also provide details of all transactions for refuelling of your vehicle(s) of your company.